Spring Sports Begin March 14th

Plainedge Athletes

Spring Sports begin Monday, March 14, 2022.  Each team has held preseason meetings to make sure every child trying out for a team is aware of protocols and medical clearances.
Should you have a question, feel free to reach out to the respective coach(es).  The list is here:


There is a mandatory parent/athlete/coach preseason meeting Monday, 3/14 at 7pm in the high school gymnasium.  Each team will have a sign in sheet.

By now every athlete should have gotten all their paperwork done, electronically, on ZippSlip.  The nurse will clear each child.  If someone is not going to be cleared, the health office should have/will contact home.

On day 1, the following will report:

  • Boys Varsity Lacrosse: high school turf field after school
  • Boys JV Lacrosse: take bus at 3:15pm to Eastplain
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse: take bus at 3:15pm to Plainedge Park
  • Girls JV Lacrosse: take bus at 3:15pm to Plainedge Park
  • Boy/Girls Varsity Track & Field: high school track after school
  • Varsity and JV Softball: take bus at 3:15pm to Schwarting
  • Boys Varsity Tennis: meet at high school courts
  • Varsity Baseball: meet on high school field after school
  • JV Baseball: take bus at 3:15pm to Plainedge Park

This is the plan each day for practice unless coaches make a change, then they will notify the team.  In case of inclement weather teams will be at the high school.