High School & Middle School Sports Start Dates

High School & Middle School Sports Start Dates

Below you will see the start of the athletic seasons for the school year 2023-24. It is fully suggested to get your child(ren) a physical done as soon as you can. Athletic physicals must be performed and approved by your child’s doctor within one year of each sport season your child plans to try out for/participate in. A copy of the New York State Health Examination Form can be located on our website at:

You will receive an alert from the district as to when you may fill out the three components (health exam, parent permission and health interval) required in order to try out/participate in athletics. As per New York State, the parent permission form and health history interval form cannot be filled out until thirty days out from the start of each sport season. So please wait to fill out all appropriate forms electronically after the alert comes to you.

Fall High School Season:

  • JV/Varsity football - Saturday, August 19
  • All other fall sports - Monday, August 28

Fall Middle School Season:

  • 7/8th fall sports - Tuesday, September 5

Winter High School Season:

  • Monday, November 13 for all sports

Winter Middle School Seasons
Winter 1 Season ( 7/8th Boys basketball and Girls Volleyball)

  • Monday, November 6

Winter 2 Season (7/8th Girls basketball, wrestling, and Boys volleyball)

  • Tuesday, January 16

Spring High School Season:

  • Baseball, softball, girls flag football, B/G lacrosse, B/G track & field - Monday, March 11
  • Boys Tennis - Monday, March 18

Middle School Spring Season:

  • • Monday, March 25

A list of all sports and coaches can be found on the district athletic site listed above.

T.J. Burke
Director of Health,
Physical Education and Athletics