The Plainedge School District operates one of the most comprehensive special education programs in New York serving over 400 students with disabilities.

Plainedge has a comprehensive special education program with a warm, nurturing and dynamic atmosphere. Our policies and procedures ensure that students’ right to a “free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment” is available for all students with a disability from the ages of three through twenty-one.

Plainedge teachers and staff are dedicated to maintaining a level of excellence and outreach to ensure that each student with a disability receives specialized instruction and related services.

Part-time and full-time special ed services are tailored to the needs of each student. Special education teachers work cooperatively with general education teachers to achieve a learning environment with the least restrictions.

For students who need additional support we provide an in-district Life Skills Program to enable them to achieve the highest level of independence and acquire the skills necessary to be successful individuals and life-long learners.

Whenever possible Plainedge educates their students within the District. By educating students in-district, students with disabilities maintain neighborhood friends and are able to participate in the everyday school life such as sports, chorus, music and art.

The policies and procedures of Plainedge‘s Special Education Department are overseen by the Board of Education and regulated by New York State and Federal laws.