The Guidelines Listed Below are STATE MANDATED and MUST be followed accordingly...

  • Attend "Instructor Guidelines Seminar" --  The workshop will be offered upon request. 
  • Submit a resume (out-of-district instructors) or submit a course proposal on My Learning Plan (in-house instructors).
  • Course proposal must explain how the course will impact student learning.
  • Instructor MUST collect evidence of participants' learning (journals, lessons, artifacts, reflection papers, anecdotal records of improvement, etc.).
  • Submit course outline with clear goals and objectives.
  • Be responsible for keeping attendance, maintaining high expectations, etc.
  • Provide copies of course handouts and class material to the Teacher Center Director.
  • Clearly provide location, dates, and hours.

Types of Courses that May be Offered:

  • 2-Hour Effective Teaching Institute (ETI) Workshops
  • 6-Hour Seminars
  • 15-Hour Courses (=1 in-service credit)
  • 45-Hour, 3-graduate credit courses (affiliated with an accredited college or university)